Bouncing into the New Year with….

JAN 21ST ORGANIC AQUAPONICS – a one day workshop presented by Tony Carruthers from Life Aquatic. During this workshop we will learn how to build an Aquaponics (fish and vegie growing ) system for the backyard using recycled materials . Find out more

FEB 4th and 5th  STRAW BALE GARDEN WALL BUILDING – a two day workshop presented by Pamela Forward. Pam has extensive experience in building with straw bales now she will show us how to build and render our own garden wall.

FEB 18th  HOME SEED SAVING – Seed saving is one of the most important  things we can be doing, this one day workshop will be the “kick start” to the Margaret River Seed Savers Group. Come along and learn from Troy Dowling how to get started in your own patch.

MARCH 23rd24th, 25th  BIOFERTILE FARMS – internationally recognized organic farmer and teacher Paul Taylor will run a 3 day workshop on creating healthy soil using composts and composts teas. Suitable for farmers and gardeners this workshop will look carefully at soil life and biology and how we can use local materials and low costs to maximise soil health.

APRIL 22ND – MAY 6TH PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE – with all the best local knowledge we could get together this 2 week course will be simply amazing! If you ever wanted to do a PDC this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Our teaching team……..Jeff Nugent, PB Foreman, Bee Winfield, Clare Coleman, Jamie McCall, Jodie Lane, Pamela Forwars, Miles Durand, Lance Brandes and Mike Hulme  see more and enrol at

details of all courses will be online soon or email me for more info at [email protected]


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