Beginners Bee Keeping with Luke Fulton

With so many people realising the importance of bees in our lives, our gardens and our food cycles we are introducing our first bee keeping course. Luke Fulton is a passionate local beekeeper and is ready to share his knowledge to get you started on the bee keeping journey.

About the Course

IMG_1114The beginners beekeeping workshop will be a fun and relaxed morning with a mix of theory and  hands on experience using both Langstroth and top-bar hives.
You will discover what to expect in your first year, basic bee biology, the equipment needed, how to use it properly, what to look for while going through a hive and how to interact and care for the bees.Bring a beekeeping suit and gloves if you have them. If not, wear light coloured long sleeves, long pants, closed in shoes and a fly veil. There will be spare jacket and veils for those without protective clothing to hire for $5

IMG_1145About Luke

Luke Fulton lives in Dunsborough with his wife Marnie and three children Isla, Wyatt and Raphael.  After receiving John Seymours book The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, Luke first read about keeping bees. Excited at the idea of producing his own honey he set up a hive soon after. Two years later Luke has developed a great relationship with his bees and a deeper understanding of their importance and benefits they provide to mankind much greater than just harvesting honey.
Shocked at the decline in honey bee health around the globe and discovering that Western Australia is the last place on earth with healthy bees Luke decided to start Noah’s Ark Beekeeping.  Luke believes there has never been a better time to begin beekeeping then now!
Luke is passionate about getting others started in beekeeping, helping you to learn the basics and building up your confidence to start the amazing journey into the world of honey bees.


Start 9am sat 8th Feb  2013, finish around lunchtime.
at Fair Harvest Permaculture
Margaret River
This course will run with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 people
Cost $85
Bring a plate to share for lunch and more bee talk.



  1. linda cotterell 11 years ago

    where is this located

  2. Jodie 11 years ago

    Hi Linda
    We are in Margaret River

  3. belinda needle 11 years ago

    hi Jode, Hi Do, just paid for Steve to do the course with Luke 🙂 we had a girl !!! Rachel Eden 🙂

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