Bio Vital Farms

Return the life back into your soil and the Profit and Enjoyment back into Farming

2 and 3-day courses with Paul Taylor May 17th, 18th and 19th 2012 Margaret River

Now with Farm Ready approval (3 day only)


Please note: we have now combined the Perth and Margaret River Courses at the Perth Venue


“Long-term soil fertility depends on vital living soils, how we return the vitality back into the soils is a complex science of soil microbiology and advanced plant science, here at Trust Nature we work to demystify the complex sciences and provide real solutions to real problems on real farms.” Paul Taylor  Trust Nature

Course Participants will have a genuine, classroom and ‘in the field’ understanding of the science of beneficial soil biology and how biological management will reduce input costs while maintaining or increasing production of food production systems. An important element of this workshop is that the participants will have a hands-on understanding of how to grow, manage and apply beneficial soil microbes as high value compost and compost tea on the farm.

This is a system that is not just sustainable but a system that gives you a genuine understanding of soil management where year by year you increase your topsoil and improve production.

This workshop is focused on presenting an introduction to the complex science of soil microbes and the principles of soil biology in an easy to understand form so that attendees can embrace the benefits, prepare for climate change, and achieve sustainability and profitability while enjoying working on the land.

At the end of this workshop, you will have the tools and understanding about how to make high value compost, compost tea as a ‘vital soil inoculum’ and understand the basics of making valuable bio-fertilizer, where the gardener/farmer/producer can now realistically be more self reliant and ‘go to the shed, not to the shop’.

Some short videos to whet you appetite
Part 1 Paul Taylor Compost, Compost Teas –

Part 2 Paul Taylor Compost, Compost Teas –

For Farmers – Paul Taylor and Elaine Ingham (Soil Food Web) Farmers Compost Tea homemade kit –

Have a look around youtube but here is one example of results –

About Paul Taylor:

Paul Taylor has been an organic farmer and has extensive experience with returning non-productive soils back into profitable systems for more than 30 years. He’s the managing director of Trust Nature Pty Ltd. Paul works as a soil health advisor, an educator, and a Permaculture designer and consultant.


Paul is an energetic, easy to understand speaker with a wealth of practical, hands on knowledge, promoting the practical understanding of beneficial soil microbes as the basis of a productive management system. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand, USA, the Middle East and India over the past three decades.

Farm Ready Grant Assistance for 3 day course

Eligible Participants are able to claim up to $1500 per financial year to attend FarmReady-registered courses, with additional funding available for associated reasonable travel, accommodation and childcare expenses. Registered courses focus on areas designed to equip primary producers with the tools to manage and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Find out more

The Farm Ready number for this course is FRTC 1089



It is likely to be quite hot in March and there will be a combination of indoor class based presentations and outdoors practical sessions. Therefore it is recommended you bring:

  • Sun Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle
  • Reading and looking glasses for both book reading and projector based presentations.
  • Casual and comfortable clothing, consider long-sleeved for when outdoors.

For further information for this course please contact [email protected]





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