Learn how to Grow Fish and Veggies at the same time with Tony Carruthers August 24th 2013

aquastrawTony Carruthers is coming to Margaret River in August to teach another course in home Aquaponics. Starting the day at Fair Harvest to learn the theory, you will then move on to Pamela Forward’s home in Margaret River to build an Aquaponics system out of recycled materials.

The morning session includes information about different fish species as well as water quality, testing methods and growing your veggies. The afternoon is hands on and informative.

The basics of Aquaponics is that fish and veggies grow together in a closed system, the fish fertilise the veggies while the veggies clean the water for the fish.

To see more about Tony Carruthers and Life Aquatic click here

This course will run with a minimum of 8 people

One day course costs $100



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