Mums and Kids learn about worm farming with Do

Mums and Kids learn about worm farming with Do

Cape to Cape Homeschooling Group Visits the Farm


kids writing labels for their seeds

Wow! It was so good having this enthusiastic, friendly attentive group visit us at the farm. The children ranged from toddlers to teenagers and were just a great group to test our kid skills on. After a solid hour of exploring the gardens, orchards and animals they were super ready to do something and we had  a propagation exercise ready.

The older kids learned about the role legumes play in the garden and the multiple ways they can be used before planting their seeds, while the younger ones stuck to the simple but satisfying activity of selecting, planting, labelling and watering in seeds.

To finish of a great morning everyone picnicked, played and drank cappuccinos before taking their little pots home to grow.



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