Clothes Swap Party

Permaculture comes in all different shapes and sizes and when the idea of a clothes swap came up we knew it fitted with what we do……………it was reusing and recycling, it was creating community and it was having fun. International Women’s Day, full moon and a big barn to fill up with clothes……….thanks to Lauren who knew all the rules we all delivered our items of clothing across the table and went and socialized until she gave the word, then it was a mad rush as 30 women picked out tried on (sometimes even fought for) pieces of each others clothing. The make shift change room was a mad collection of women clothes and laughter and everyone seemed to leave with anew favorite item.

I love the never ending variety of ideas that grows from a few simple principles and the sense of well being and community that comes from taking a simple idea, making it happen and inviting your friends to share it, only next time I know I should invite a lot more because the more shapes and sizes that turn up the more satisfied customers go home.


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