South West Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Join us on the farm for a two week, residential, fully catered permaculture experience


Upcoming PDC Course Dates

Saturday 4th January – Sunday 19th January 2020


Sunday 3rd May – Sunday 17th May 2020



This 72 hour course balances permaculture theory with hands-on practical activities; Using interactive workshops, field studies, presentations and field trips,

our PDC gives you a globally recognised accreditation as a certified Permaculture Designer.

Facilitated by a range of highly experienced and dedicated permaculture practitioners, you will gain knowledge, experience and relationships that will last a lifetime.

The course includes;

Read all about our previous PDC’s here;

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Don’t just hear about it from us, here are some comments from previous course attendees, asked if they can recommend the course and why …

“Yes, Packed with Information. Teachers are Mentors.  Personal Growth. On-site appreciation of growing and living off your own food.  True examples of people WALKING their TALK.  New friendships with like minded people.  Genuine CARING  ENVIRONMENT.”  Anne

“You acquire knowledge that will influence all parts of your life and make lifelong connections with beautiful people.  Oh, and if the food here doesn’t convince you to grow your own I don’t know what will!”  Marnie

“Yes!  It was an incredible experience to camp for 2 weeks and be fully immersed in the world of permaculture, all the teachers were so knowledgeable and the range of topics and teaching styles worked so well together… I would love everybody who is even considering a PDC to have the same wonderful experience I have had a Fair Harvest” – Poppy

For More Testimonials 

Here is a video about the PDC course. Students and teachers give you their perspective on the PDC course.

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The Teaching Team

Fair Harvest’s South West PDC includes a fantastic selection of teachers, with many of the classes held at their property or work place. You can expect to be taught by a selection of the teachers below (please note that not every teacher will be available for every course).Teachers include Jeff Nugent, Jamie McCall, Bee Winfield, PB Foreman, Jodie Lane, Jema McCabe and more…

Jodie Lane

Jodie Lane

Jodie Lane

When Jodie was 15 she discovered John Seymour’s book Self Sufficiency in the school library and spent many lunch hours poring over his drawings and ideas. A few years later she found Bill Mollison’s Permaculture One and started to work in her small backyard.

She moved to Margaret River in 1990 and completed a Horticulture Certificate and a PDC, before long her life was permaculture in the most rounded sense, growing food, fighting for the forests and living communally. As a co-founder of the infamous Carters Rd Community, her beliefs and understanding of how we can live and work together were strongly shaped during its 12 year life.

Jodie’s focus is permaculture in the community, how to bring the people and the skills together, how to work together and how to create community in our lives. Her most recent projects in 2011 have been Permablitz Margaret River, Permaculture at the High School and Open Edible Gardens. She loves the feeling that is achieved by working together on projects that have real implications in people’s lives… like growing and eating good food.

PB Foreman

PB Foreman

PB Foreman

PB trained and qualified in Horticulture at Adelaide Botanic Gardens in 1977.He has been actively involved with horticulture ever since. He has run his own landscaping and garden maintainence business as well as commercial pruning and chipping, setting up a permaculture nursery and consultation service. He has always worked with an enthusiasm in organic methods of horticulture and embraced Permaculture in 1988 when he undertook a consultant design course. For the next 10 years he ran many Permaculture Design Courses in and around the Fremantle area including Murdoch Uni, Bentley TAFE, Apace and North Fremantle Permaculture Centre.

Since moving to Margaret River in 1997 he has extended his interests widely to include Bio Dynamic agriculture and practices. For 16 years he worked at Cape Mentelle Vineyard taking care of the grounds and biological waste water treatment which he instigated and set up. In 2015 he and his partner Swabodhi designed and completed their owner builder straw bale home which gained a 8.5 NATERS energy rating. They are now well on the way to food self sufficiency. In late 2015 he joined the team at Witchcliffe Eco Village as Permaculture Design Advisor. In 2018, PB was made a Permaculture Elder in recognition of his years of dedication and passion of permaculture.

Jeff Nugent

Jeff Nugent

Jeff Nugent

Jeff completed his Permaculture Design Course led by Bill Mollison in 1983. He has over twenty five years experience in teaching Permaculture Design and a longer history as a Permaculture Designer.

He has worked on four continents and has taught courses in Australia, North America and Africa. Jeff is co-author of the book Permaculture Plants – A Selection, and author of Permaculture Plants – Agaves and Cacti.

He is currently working on other permaculture plants books and a futuristic novel. He also contributed a chapter to the recently published Permaculture Pioneers. Jeff also enjoys working with sound and apart from several Bill Mollison audio sets; he has produced two music albums.

Byron Joel

Byron Joel

Byron Joel

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, working for his father’s landscaping and irrigation company, Byron’s love for plants became clear early in the piece, leading him to study Horticulture and Botany, refining his knowledge, skill and appreciation for the human/plant relationship, all the while working in a number of positions at numerous plant nurseries and re-vegetation services.

Discovering Permaculture in the early 2000’s Byron devoured all the information he could find and set to work connecting with like minds and putting ideas to practice, taking his first PDC in 2004 and 2nd in 2009. In 2011 while living in Margaret River, South-Western Australia, he co-initiated both Sustain Margaret River(now Transition Margaret River, an official Transition Town group) and the Margaret River Community Growers Group to initiate dialogue and action towards local organic food production and community cohesion.

After visiting Permaculture Research Institute of Australia for their Internship in 2010 Byron felt eager to return and and did so in the positions of both Nursery and WWOOFer Coordinator at Zaytuna Farm. After relocating to New Zealand he held the position of Nursery Manager at Kotare Farm home of the Koanga Institue and the Permaculture Research Institute of New Zealand.

Byron has now returned back to Margaret River with the intention of moving further into the role of teaching and implementing classical perennial systems from the Mediterranean world.


Bee Winfield

Bee Winfield

Bee Winfield

Bee was kicked out of home at 16 for building compost heaps in the backyard. Earlier, her Dad had taken her to a psychiatrist in an attempt to rid her of what he thought was a rare personality disorder, but the composting habit was incurable.

At 52, a steaming hot heap still thrills her, as does the sight of a mass of red wriggler worms demolishing a cow pat. Of course, out of all this decay comes another light of her life… food!

Bee’s career as an organic farmer took off about 7 years ago; and with her partner Stewart they’ve been regularly wowing City Farm customers with the amazing taste of compost grown produce. The more Bee learns about mainstream food production and how it affects us and our planet, the more passionate about permaculture she becomes.

Bee has practiced permaculture for 26 years on her Nannup property. She began teaching and demonstrating the concepts after completing a PDC in 2009 and Permaculture Teaching Certificate in 2010. Her mission is to pass on any technique that gets carbon out of the air and into the soil as fast as possible, and couldn’t agree more with Joel Salatin who says “We can save the world one bite (of organic meat ) at a time”

Jamie McCall

Jamie McCall

Jamie McCall

Jamie, 43, worked as a mining field assistant, carpenter, sailor, journalist and furniture maker before moving to Margaret River in 1998 to develop a farming and permaculture property with his wife, Lara, and three children Max, Ned and Dan. He has a BA in English and Journalism, a Master Class 5, and completed a PDC with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.

Jamie’s 37 acre property, Burnside Organic Farm, commercially produces avocados, olive oil, wine, macadamias, eggs, honey and capers. It also provides their family with all their vegetables, meat and fruit. Cows, pigs, sheep, geese, bees and chickens are used on the farm as an integral part of the farming systems.

Jamie’s property is certified biodynamic with ACO and has utilised permaculture principles for water harvesting, soil building and nutrient cycling. New work on the farm is approached through permaculture principles with a view towards a future of energy descent.

As a result of their self-sufficient lifestyle Jamie has developed a keen interest in nutrition, food preservation and storage, home butchery and meat curing, winemaking and Mediterranean climate appropriate gardening and foods.

Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman

Since 1995, Claire Coleman has been based on a permaculture property in Denmark on the south coast of WA. Living and working in the region, she has helped develop the property into an eco village, and inevitably permaculture has been a dominant part of her life since then.

Claire’s background is as an organic gardener and photographer, and teaching has enabled her to combine the two skills for educational purposes. As well as running regular permaculture courses and other workshops from our home, Claire taught organic production horticulture for over 10 years at the Denmark TAFE.

Claire has also spent several years developing and running the Certificate III Permaculture and she is involved at a national level with the implementation of Accredited Permaculture Training.

Since 2004 Claire has also worked carrying out audits for the organic industry which involves travelling around the state meeting lots of interesting people who are doing lots of interesting things!

Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda Giblett

A descendant of two pioneering farming families, Lucinda Giblett is a passionate steward of the land, speaker, writer and community volunteer

After university studies in communications, Lucinda travelled for several years before returning home to Manjimup. Her farther Harvey was embracing organic apple farming and this drew forth Lucinda’s desire to farm and her commitment to land stewardship.

As an answer to the question “how can we tuly live well?” Lucinda founded the charity “Stella Violets”. Named for her grandmothers, Stella Violets seeks to enrich local life, land and tradition.

Projects include converting a farm ute to fully electric power, making compost and biochar, nutrient cycling, preserving the harvest, recording local life stories, sharing wisdom ad growing beauty – both in our gardens and our lives.

Like to know more about Stellar, Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery?

Pippa Buchanan

Pippa Buchanan (MSc SA) is an Australian resilience and sustainability educator, facilitator and urban permaculturist currently based in Linz, Austria. Pippa draws on permaculture design, systems thinking, informal education approaches, future scenario development and facilitation approaches such as Art of Hosting in her work.

Pippa’s background is in adult education, language teaching, web and games development and in addition to completing two PDCs she studied Permaculture Teaching Matters with Rosemary Morrow. In 2017 she completed an MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Machynlleth, Wales. Her research project explored how permaculture teachers and practitioners consider hazards such as floods and bushfires in their design work.

Pippa is fascinated by transformational processes, whether they be the evolution of new social forms, fermented foods or the transformation of yarn into knitted items. She shares her projects and ideas at


Looking at worm farms at Fair Harvest

In the Fair Harvest orchard

Honey collection during the PDC

Learning surveying skills

Site visit ti Jeff Nugent’s

Site visit to Merri Bee organic farm

Compost making at Burnside Organic Farm

hands on

Design project


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