Food Growing for Beginners (One on One)


Product Description

Food Growing For Beginners with Do

(Gardener and co Manager at Fair Harvest).

Do has been growing all the produce at Fair Harvest since 2009 . She is largely self taught and has a wealth of knowledge for home gardeners but will not take you into scientific explanations. Her gardening is based on permaculture principles and organic techniques.

One on one and couples/friends classes

Two hour session includes;

  • How to prep a bed and growing from seed

  • Seasonal veggie and care

  • Weeds and pest management

  • Composting techniques

Follow up sessions can be organised to focus on particular areas.


One on one $95

Couple/friends $150

Please contact us to create a suitable time

“Working with Do in the garden was a revelation in my gardening journey. I now feel so much more confident that I can grow my own produce. The learning was hands-on and enabled me to genuinely see how the methods might work in my own garden. Do explains things really well, and in a totally inclusive way. Thanks to her I can now make changes that will see my own garden thrive. I will definitely be back to learn more because this feels like a lifelong learning journey. I am so grateful that I found Do through the permaculture course and learned gardening 101 from her.”  Louise Tarrier


” I recently completed a PDC ( permaculture design certificate May 2022 ) at fair harvest with the lovely Jodie and Do. Far too many great things I experienced and learnt on that course to mention here but one of them was an elective activity to spend time in the garden with Do before the day would begin. This became one of my favourite things on the course, Do was so patient with all of us beginners. So knowledgeable and great at teaching/explaining the fundamentals right through to answering any questions we all had. I learn more in the doing so this was so fun for me and Do is such a good character to spend time with. You’ll have a ball and learn a lot!” By Matt O’Sullivan 9.6.22

“Do is an amazing food grower and excellent teacher. She has so much useful information to share and is generous and hilarious in her sharing. 
I highly recommend Do as a teacher of all things in the garden. ” Sarah du Preez


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