Get Back To Basics, Live Simply Enjoy Life Retreat… March 15/16 2024


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Imagine a weekend away with no responsibilities, no kids (although we love them lots), no work, no cooking or even having to think of what to prepare for a meal.

A time for you to learn the foundations of true health, simple steps so you feel fantastic each and every day. Techniques that will amp up your health and change your life for the better!

This weekend is meticulously prepared so that you have a balance of free time and learning. Designed so that you unwind, relax into morning yoga, be transformed by sound healing, and untangled with a blissful on-site massage.

Over the weekend we host educational workshops where you learn the importance of not only what goes into your body, but also on your body.

It’s hands on, we show you how to prepare completely natural body care and, delicious whole food, health-full plant based meals that do not leave you feeling hungry.
Importantly, you will learn why knowing this information matters.

This event gives you everything you need to create a more energy filled life, so you don’t have to waste your precious time searching the internet for recipes or cures.

Nat will introduce you to life changing habits and give you all the information you need so you leave feeling better and knowing exactly where to start on your path to greater health.

A whole long (deliberately) weekend for you…

No technology, no work demands and no children (with love!!!)

To unravel your stress, unwind your tension and reset your body.

Our retreats are all about getting back to basics, living simply so you can enjoy your life.

When I came across Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm I immediately knew that  this was a place I had to bring you all.

As owner Jodie puts it, Permaculture comes down to 3 things: “Care for the Earth, Care for the People and to Share Resources”.


“…For over 20 years the property at the corner of Carters Rd and Burnside Rd Margaret River has been home to  Permaculture in Margaret River. The journey started in 1995 when Jodie and friends moved to the corner of the family  property and started planting trees, at that stage the farm house, machinery shed (now Fair Harvest Venue) and the  old barn stood in bare paddocks and were constantly buffeted by the weather.While involved in community living and  environmental activism the group started planting windbreaks, timber trees, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.  Structures went up for animal housing, wood sheds, garden sheds, orchard netting and poultry.During this time Jodie  started teaching Permaculture and groups frequently visited the property. Community living and growing continued on  the farm until 2006.  In 2009 Dorothee arrived at the farm as a WWOOFER and before long had teamed up with Jodie to make the formidable team that now run Fair Harvest Permaculture.In 2012 the old machinery shed was cleverly  redesigned and renovated as a venue for courses and events as well as housing a commercial kitchen for dealing with  the increasing volume of food coming from the gardens….”.

I know that you are reading this and feeling the energy  just like I did.

Come with me, join us on a weekend like no other.

We will be glamping in a gorgeous  Bell Tent Village provided by and, get this, set up and packed away,  by Clint & Chloe, owners of Wild Goose Camping.

Each tent sleeps 5, so you can bring a group of friends (don’t forget you ear plugs 😀) and have an entire tent to yourselves and make this a life changing adventure, experienced together.

Numbers are strictly limited to 15 to enable everyone to learn, feel heard and connected.

This is a weekend to ground yourself, come back to nature, come back to you, and learn how to heal yourself – not only physically but emotionally.

Life need not be complicated guys, it only needs to be filled with the things that fuel your soul.

It is fantastic! Your entire weekend away is all taken care of, all your food & your accommodation, you need only bring your clothes, your yoga mat, bolster/cushion & settle straight in.

On arrival, leave your worries at the farm gate, stop and savor what is Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm, a truly special place situated in our State’s amazing South West.

Check in, find your space in your gorgeous tent and then get straight into creating a life of joy.

We first come together for an educational session – Reset Your Health, Revive Your Life with your host Nat and then we are immersed in the ethics and principles of permaculture as Jodie shares with us the magic of her farm, and takes us on an epic farm tour.

You are then encouraged to slow down, and enjoy a bliss-full massage or reflexology session with Angelique and her team of Moondance Wellbeing

This is where you really get to leave your stress behind and relax. Your weekend includes a divine 30 minute massage, and you are welcome to invest in an additional session throughout your stay if you feel. Angelique is a Mum, a business owner and has worked her butt off for a ‘boss’ so she gets us. She understands LIFE, in all it’s messy glory. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

As a fully qualified Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, and a specialist Oncology Massage Therapist, one of a handful of Massage Therapists qualified to this level in Western Australia, you are in good hands.

Each morning we will ground ourselves with yoga and then on Saturday night before we bunk down for the night, we will be treated to a soulful sound healing session with Colleen.

Sandi Hancock from Yoga Moon will be our facilitator over the weekend for our morning yoga sessions. Sandi is a senior yoga instructor and has been teaching for 25 years + so you are, once again, in amazing hands. It does not matter if you have never participated in yoga before, or whether you are a seasoned Yogi, Sandi will hold you and guide you so you have the best experience.

Our morning sessions invite you to turn inwards and align yourself for each day.  They will be tailored to our group, incorporating a mix of meditation and breathe awareness, we move through Yoga asana sequences designed to ease tightness and gain strength, relax and restore energy. Mindful movement creates change within our body and mind through stress reduction, the improvement of mental well-being and strengthening of our physical body so that you can welcome in the day with gratitude & ease.

Colleen Pearce, founder of Colleen Pearce Healing will be taking us through our transformational sound healing session on Saturday night.

Sound Healing dates back thousands of years. Our ancestors embraced sound as the very essence of life itself. The ancients understood what modern science is now only beginning to discover; that we live in a sea of vibration—the source of all form, the source of all thought.

“..According to Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. sound energy therapy is the future of modern medicine. It offers the same benefits to conditions of the body as some prescription drugs. Vibrations from crystal sound resonate the nervous system, transform brain states, and effectively treat stress, depression, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and cancer…’ – Colleen Pearce Healing.

Many cultures and religions revere sound so deeply as to believe it’s called the universe into being. Your whole body – every muscle and every organ – is relaxed, allowing your body to balance naturally.

“…Pythagoras, often considered the Godfather of Modern Sound Medicine, taught his students to use sound and music to soothe the spirit, release worry, fear, and anger, and enhance joy and happiness..” – Colleen Pearce Healing.

Your guide for the weekend, natural living advocate and Certified Tolman Health Coach, Nat Wright will inspire you, and show you, how to kick the ass of whatever it is that makes you feel less than.

Nat and the awesome crew will demonstrate just how easy it is to make a delicious plant-based meal or two, and will also share with you how to create your very own completely natural and healing body care product.

The way Nat sees life is that it is all about keeping things real and keeping things simple, we don’t need to complicate. Nat knows just how much our lives can get very messy, and very challenging, and at times we can feel like we just can’t go on anymore. So, importantly, Nat will also share life-giving and life-saving techniques she needed to develop, to help her through tough times in her life.

Nat will introduce you to the “TOLMAN METHOD” as taught to her by her teacher and mentor Tyler Tolman. You will hear about the 7 principles of health and be immersed in 2 days of practical & inspirational knowledge that you can take home and begin to implement straight away. This allows you to take control of your own health and begin your journey of feeling energised and happy, without the sluggishness, tiredness, sore joints, stress, anxiety, or any dis – ease you may be feeling now.

All your food is supplied. Plant-based whole foods that Nat & the team created using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and from Fair Harvest itself. These meals look amazing, taste delicious, nourish your body, and do not leave you feeling hungry.

We are being catered for by Jodie, owner of Fair Harvest Permaculture, on Friday night, & throughout the weekend you will have access to a cold-pressed juicer, fruit platters, and wholefood snacks.

The entire weekend is carefully designed to get you on track to feeling energised, in control, and living your best life whilst providing plenty of downtime for you to wander off for a bushwalk on the property or take a quick, 4km, trip into Margaret River, or settle in and just be, on the farm.

The thing is, we do not need to feel sluggish, tired, or have headaches or sore joints or painful periods, it’s not a woman thing and it’s not an aging thing, it’s a ‘wrong fuel’ in our body thing.

This event is not to be missed; numbers strictly limited to 15. Let’s go ladies!

In a nutshell, what does your ticket include?

Educational presentation on arrival, how to reset your health & revive your life

60 – 90 minute Permaculture Farm Tour and education.

Half-hour blissful massage Friday afternoon

Whilst others are being pampered Friday afternoon – enjoy your free time to let go of the busy week, it’s now gone. Wander the property and soak in the calming ambiance or take a 4-5 minute trip into Margs and discover what it has to offer.

1-hour daily yoga session Saturday & Sunday morning

1 hour sound healing session Saturday night

2 x 1hr workshops on Saturday –
hands-on, how to easily create delicious wholefood plant-based snacks & meals
hands-on, how to create your own genuinely natural skincare product

2 days of wisdom shares including the Tolman 7 principles of health and HOW you can effortlessly integrate them into your life

Accommodation in a beautiful Bell Tent, single Coleman airbed, bedding, towels, pillows

All your meals – wholefood plant-based. Dinner Friday night, breakfast Sat & Sunday, Lunch & Dinner Sat

Cold-pressed juices are available to make and have on hand all weekend

Snacks, Coffee, Hot Choccy & Herbal Tea throughout

Travel to and from the venue is not included.

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