It’s The Soil That Counts….Foundation and Master Class 20/21 february 2021


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It’s The Soil That Counts

Soil microbes are essential to healthy soil and healthy soil is essential to healthy plants – this is the International Year of Plant Health. Let us build your knowledge and skills to understand how microbes build soil, so you can reduce water requirements, provide plant nutrients, protect our environment and break down toxins with these naturally occurring little workers. These interactive workshops will get you much more closely acquainted with our wonderful living soil whether it is on a town block, or acreage and are suitable for individuals, professional development, and as an introduction for commercial purposes.

The ‘It’s the Soil that Counts’ series comprises two workshops – the first will provide foundational skills and knowledge of soil food webs and using brightfield microscopes. The second will build on the knowledge and skills from the first to monitor and manage soil biological health. The topics to be covered are outlined below.

Foundational Class (Saturday 10am to 4pm) $250

  • Soil food webs
  • Identifying micro-organisms
  • Viewing soil samples
  • Suggesting strategies to assist soil health

By the end of the Foundation Class you will have a greater understanding of soil food webs (why we need bacteria and fungi to gather nutrients, and protozoa and nematodes to make those nutrients available to plants). You will be able to identify soil food web microbes when you look at a sample of soil through a microscope and have some ideas for how you can easily look after and attract microbes to your soil.

Master Class (Sunday 9am to 4pm) $250 (or both for $450)

*Please note a Foundational class is a prerequisite to attending the master class.

  • Review and extend knowledge of soil food webs
  • Review and extend knowledge of micro-organisms
  • Micro-organisms and plant succession
  • Micro-organisms in the carbon and nitrogen cycles
  • Monitoring soil biological health
  • Remediation strategies

By the end of the Master Class you will have extended your knowledge of how the soil food web works, practiced organism identification, learnt how to assess the qualitative health of soil and be able to put in place remediation strategies based on what has been learnt.

In addition to being named as a finalist in the Science Communicator of the Year in Peel, and Peel ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) Champion, EarthWhile Australia has done a podcast with Deryn Thorpe of All the Dirt, been guests on Sabrina Hahn’s Roots and Shoots ABC radio show and Curtin FM’s gardening show. We feel privileged to have our work acknowledged by a range of academics, sustainability ‘experts’, ecologists and the people who have participated in our presentations and workshops and look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills on the topic of soil food webs with you. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


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