Natural Beekeeping with Adrian Iodice October 30th and 31st 2021

Product Description

This unique course teaches the fundamentals of Natural, Bee Centric, Organic, Beekeeping practices and theories. While also inspiring a reverence for the miraculous, wordless lives of honey bees whose complex communal patterns and systems draw us into greater and more sacred connections to life, nature and community.
Adrian shares an intimate knowledge of, and love, for bees so that skills learned are both practical and spiritual.

You will leave with the confidence to start caring for your own bee colony, the capacity to catch and relocate a swarm, as well as insight into how caring for bees can open us to a greater understanding of life.

Who’s it for?

  • Beginner beekeepers wanting to understand the fundamentals of bee-centric bee-care
  • Experienced beekeepers wanting to explore a deeper, more natural, bee centric approach to beekeeping
  • Anyone wanting to deepen their connection to and appreciation of the miraculous lives of bees

What you’ll learn?

  • Developmental stages of the honey bee organism, (The Bee-ing).
  • The importance of natural honeycomb
  • How to catch a swarm — and the equipment you’ll need
  • Where best to position a beehive
  • The healing products that Honey-bees provide
  • Kenyan topbar hive management techniques

What’s Included?

  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Plans to build your own Kenyan Top Bar Hive (Les Crowder version)
  • A full list of great books, web sites and films to learn more in your own time
  • Continued support and access to Adrian for any questions on your journey into Honey Bee guardianship
  • Meet, hang out and hopefully stay in touch with other great people who are on the same path.
  • Morning & Afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday with Bread, butter and lots of raw homegrown Honey

What to Bring

It’s going to be a full 2 days of information so bring:

  • Lunch for both days
  • A pad and pen to take notes
  • A light coloured, thick, long sleeve shirt or pullover (for during hive inspections)
  • Long loose fitting pants
  • A bee veil or bee suit if you have one
  • Fully enclosed shoes

We will look into an active hive only if weather permits!

Course Cost

Full Price: $390

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Natural Beekeeping WorkshopMargaret River WA

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