Open Edible Garden Weekends May 29 & 30

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We are excited to participate in the Open edible gardens weekend 2021 , thanks to the organisers of the event.

Open Edible Gardens 2021 is a fundraiser for the Margaret River Regional Environment Centre, who host the Margaret River Community Garden.

Visit 11 diverse food producing gardens over the May 29-30 weekend, touring the properties and picking up tips from the gardeners. From small plots to paddocks, private to public, ordered to eclectic. Walk and talk with the gardeners and share their knowledge and experiences. See inspiring real life productive gardens created to suit local conditions.

The gardens include suburban gardens, bush blocks, large rural properties, a community garden and edible school garden. Many of the productive gardens are based on permaculture principles, including practical elements like composting, worm farms, growing vegetables, netting an orchard, improving fertility, using animals, upcycling, and saving water.

Join us for a weekend of garden exploration and inspiration!

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