Plan your Summer Veggie Garden with Jema McCabe Saturday August 17th 2019


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Veggie Gardeners – Summer is coming, time to get your manure together!

2pm – 5 pm

It’s still winter but now is the time to plan the summer vegetable garden.  As gardeners, having a planting plan before we realise spring is half over means our efforts are maximised and harvests are abundant.

Join market gardener Jema for a look at;

What to plant

When to plant

Where and how much

Planning successions

Choosing varieties

Ordering seed

Timing seed raising or buying seedlings

Please bring;

A rough map of your veggie patch

Diary, Calendar or other planning tool

Your favorite seed catalogues, if you have any

Taken from a Food Land Culture 

Jema McCabe feels amazingly lucky to have spent the last 13 years working fully employed growing food. Though perhaps not in any usual capacity; for winery restaurants, non-commercial veggie box schemes, community gardens and permaculture farms.
Jema moved to SW WA from the east coast where she studied Clothing and Textiles.
It was in WA that Jema truly fell in love with growing and cooking veggies at home, eventually applying for her first job growing produce for a winery restaurant without any real experience; “my resume contained pictures of all the veggies I had obsessively grown in my own small home patch.”
“I learned on the job by trial and (multiple) errors, and gleaned growing information by doing everything from calling gardening talkback radio to attending workshops, reading books, magazines and the internet.”
Jema’s current project is a market garden stacked into the permaculture systems of @burnsideorganicfarm . Exploring small and slow solutions in commercial food growing is the ongoing challenge, one that Jema takes head, and hands, on. She also occasionally teaches classes at @fair_harvest_permaculture . 

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