Sari CD’s launch Saturday 23rd december 2017


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Sari CD’s launch

Come and enjoy  a relaxing afternoon with Sari for her CD launch, delicious food and art exhibition.

About Sari :

“I’d been traipsing that old trunk
upon which we sat
to all the ends of the earth
and back
as I’d clumsily flail
through this shapeshifting dream
leaving behind me a colourful stream
of courageous experiments
hung out on my sleeve
planting fistfuls and fistfuls
and fistfuls of carnival beans…”

It was a solo journey around
Australia in my rusty old van
called ‘Trusty’ that inspired the
writing of many of these songs.
An epic quest stitching my way
from town to town in search of
love and power points to plug
in my sewing machine.

Sari Ellen Bennett

$ 20 include delicious vegetarian food  byo drinks    –  presale tickets only for food -( for sustainable reason  )

$ 10 at the gate BYO food and drink

free for kids ( byo food)

Gate open at 4 pm till 7



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