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Metta meditation weekend 12-14 November 2021


Metta meditation is an extension of our mindfulness, the potential for a deeper friendship with ourselves, others, the World, and life. Practice helps us to find meaningful sources of love and understanding within our own lives, to find the freedom to live filled with greater tenderness and goodwill, to heal feelings and experiences of disconnection and isolation caused by resentment, jealousy, hate, anger, and prejudice.

This is an intensive weekend dedicated to meditative practice. Experience with mindfulness practice is encouraged. Stay onsite or offsite. Bookings required: Metta meditation weekend 12th – 14th November 2021 


Permaculture weekend retreat 11-13 March 2022


This weekend incorporates mindfulness and observing nature practices and activities through: ‘Zone 00’ – designing inner ecologies, and ‘Walking the Land’ – contemplative meditation and observe and interact techniques as done with Ian Hackett from Tig-Le House, teacher on our Permaculture Design Certificate courses at Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm in Margaret River.

There are various attendance options for staying onsite or offsite. Booking link –Permaculture weekend retreat 11-13 March 2022


5 day mindfulness and nature retreat 25-29 April 2022


A semi-silent retreat, explore mindfulness through an ecological lens, mindful walking, contemplation, nature immersions, rest, and respite at the beautiful Fair Harvest Permaculture farm.

Ian has been running mindfulness and nature retreats in the Southwest of WA for over 10 years bringing ancient mindfulness teachings and practices together with nature immersion activities aiding in a deep remembering and reconnection with the sacred relationship we have with the natural living world and this exquisite planet, living Earth.

There is plenty of time between sessions for rest, walks, and personal practice. Bring a simple hobby activity whether journaling, drawing, painting, etc.

Attendance options for staying onsite or offsite. Bookings at 5-day mindfulness and nature retreat 25-29 April 2022 


5 day silent meditation retreat 10-14 October 2022


This is a silent retreat. Engage with traditional mindfulness and meditation teachings and practices that are secular and sacred in nature coming from an ancient non-religious oral buddhist tradition. The retreat includes mindfulness, breath, and contemplative meditation practices along with word mandala, visualization, mantra, walking meditation and more. These teachings support a healthy peaceful humanity working for the health of the world.

As a ‘duty of care’ ALL participants must have attended previous mindfulness training with Ian Hackett through Tig-Le House at either one of our weekly community sessions, previous retreats, or through our private training sessions.

*If you are unsure as to your attendance, before booking please email us at [email protected]

Daily retreat routines include morning movement, dedicated silent practice between classes including self-guided sitting and group walking meditation.

Attendance options for staying onsite or offsite. Booking link –5-day silent meditation retreat  10 – 14 October 2022 

Photo credit: Miles Tweedie Photography


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