wholistic farming workshop Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September 2020 / 9am – 4 pm

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This wholistic farming workshop is jointly funded through the National Landcare Program: Smart Farms Small Grants – an
Australian Government initiative presented by Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd.

THEME: Building capacity and resilience through biodynamic farming techniques, which build humus and increase carbon
sequestration, adaptation to a changing climate and sustainable, biodiverse, healthy soils.

TOPICS AND AIMS: Achieving natural resource management and improving sustainable agricultural production via biodynamics
applied to:
 managing soil acidification
 reducing the risk of soil and nutrient loss from wind erosion
 increasing soil organic carbon
 improving management of on-farm native vegetation
 reducing the risk of soil and nutrient loss from hillslope (water) erosion

TRAINING IN: The workshop will involve training in all aspects of biodynamic practice, with property inspections to reinforce
learning. The following will be covered:
 biodynamic methodology;
 integration techniques involving management plans on a whole-of-farm basis;
 increasing biodiversity to counter and adapt to climate change;
 pathways to conversion to a wholly organic system. Alternatively, these techniques can be integrated into an existing
conventional operation.
 demonstrations on how integrating biodynamic techniques can result in financial benefits, in terms of both a higher
value product and a reduction in input costs.

PRESENTERS: Presenters will be Shane Joyce, a veteran soil and landscape regenerator, using wholistic and biodynamic
techniques, and John Hodgkinson, who has extensive knowledge of biodynamics applied to horticulture.

VENUE AND HOST: Jodie Lane from Fair Harvest Permaculture is providing the venue and space to conduct our practical sessions.
Fair Harvest founders Jodie and Do are passionate food growers. The gardens and farm were established in 1995. More recently
they have turned their hand to holistic, broad acre farm management, using cell grazing to improve soil and pasture on the farm.
“We love sharing food with friends and family; there is nothing better than sitting around a table for a humble, home grown feast.
We are also aware of the urgency with which we need to be growing food in every available space. We need to do this for the
planet and for the expanding population. So while growing food is our love and our life it is also a conscious choice of ‘what we
can do’ for the future.”

Importantly, this two day workshop will address long-term environmental benefits, specifically improved soil and pasture
quality, improved surface and underground water quality, and more on-farm biodiversity. Other aspects of biodynamic
management, such as optimum stock health, ethical animal welfare and improved ability to adapt to climate change, will be
covered. Biodynamics restores biodiversity in agricultural as well as natural ecosystems.

DATE/S: Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September, 2020 TIME: 9am – 4:00pm
LOCATION: Fair Harvest Permaculture, 426 Carters Road, Margaret River WA 6285
COST: $110 non members, $55.00 members of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

PLACES LIMITED PLEASE BOOK: www.biodynamics.net.au
E: [email protected] P: 02 6655 0566
Morning Tea provided – BYO LUNCH

“This project is supported by Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd, through funding from the Australian Government’s

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