Pest Control and Pollination

Its been a great weekend for new visitors to the farm……..and some of them are here to stay. Our bee hives arrived on Friday night and early the next morning we released them into the orchards and gardens. Later the same day we picked up Dave, Dolly, Honey and Fatty our four new Peking Ducks.

Our garden has had plenty of slaters, weevils and slugs and we’re hoping Dave and his girls are going to get to work and sort them out for us. So far they haven’t damaged the plants but we’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

Peking ducks are the classic Chinese eating duck, they need clean fresh water available but do not need to swim unless mating, they are insect eaters and forage around under the mulch.

Just to top off the new animals to the farm we’ve had chicks hatching ……….animal abundance!


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