Fair Harvest and COVIDFair Harvest is a multifunctional business on a family farm and therefor our position around the current COVID situation is complex and subject to change. We wish to act with consideration to all while following requirementsWe are classed as a Critical Business therefore;All STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS …. are up to date with vaccinationCAFE OPEN DAYS …….. will be closed until further notice BUT we are open for cateringYOGA ….. requires proof of vaccinationCAMPERS ….all are welcome under current guidelinesSMALL EVENTS … all are welcome under current guidelinesSIGN IN …. is required for everyone over 16MASKS …. are to be worn according to state mandates

PLEASE do not attend events if you are unwell

CANCELATIONS… if we need to cancel a course or event due to COVID we will postpone it and give you two other date options to attend. If you are sick and are unable to attend please try to find someone to take your spot or if we have a waiting list we may be able to help. For our full refund policy see hereOur gardens are abundant and beautiful and we are looking forward to creating small events and retreats that we feel will sit comfortably with the unfolding situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

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