Festival of No Waste 

Sunday November 26th 2017

This year’s Fair Harvest Festival, the “Festival of No Waste” plus Charlie Mgee Sundowner is shaping up to be a ripper of an event. The list of stalls, activities and displays is growing daily.

Everywhere we look is waste and often it’s just plain depressing, but this festival is all about celebrating the great things that people are doing to create less waste!

It’s one big exciting challenge that people are tackling from every possible direction and thankfully many of them are giving up a day in their busy lives to come and share it with us. I’m so grateful to everyone who has said YES because this is exactly the sort of thing that will inspire others, which is the sort of thing we love.

Here’s a list of all the stalls/workshops/presentations that we have happening so far. Please let us know if you would like to offer something or get involved as there is no end of No Waste tactics out there and it still feels as though we are just scratching the surface.

Please note, due to peoples busy lives this list could change, grow or shrink. I will do my best to keep it up to date.

Entertainment and talks

12  Midday … Salt Water People talk with Sea Eagle, Cultural Sustainability with Waalitj a Wadandi Custodian

1 pm Jeff Pow from Southampton Homestead “using all the chook”

Talk and demonstration of processing from feet to feathers

2 pm … Guest Speaker Jane Milburn    Author of the book “Slow Clothing”“Rethinking Clothing Culture”

In an era dominated by fast fashion, Jane Milburn advocates for a more sustainable clothing culture.

Jane believes in thoughtful, ethical and creative ways of dressing that don’t harm people or the planet. 

She is the founder of Textile Beat and shares her journey from rural communications to slow clothing pioneer.

3 pm …Poetry  slam with Sarina Lewis

(poetry workshop with Sarina 10.30 -midday)

Attend a poetry workshop with Sarina then join the poetry slam later on (or bring your own poem with a NO Waste theme)

4 pm … Charlie Mgee (Formidable Veg) perma-funk sundowner!


Fibre and Clothing

“Stitched Up” mending group….making mending into art

please bring clothes to mend!

Sari Bennet up cycling

Sari will set up her sewing machine and turn old clothing items into funky fashion

Simply Love babies and toddlers up- cycled clothing

Babies and toddler’s dresses, bibs and headbands made from recycled and remnant materials.

Creative Recycling Augusta WA

Up cycled t-shirt products, calendar paper items, and a range of fabric items

Rope/Paper weaving with Cynamon

Baskets & decorative items woven from recycled rope and/or paper.  Hands on Weaving for both adults & kids. 

Paper Making with Les Westerlund

Fabulous interactive paper making set up for everyone to have a go (using recycled and waste fibres)

Plat and chat with Coral Hillier

Join Coral’s platting circle using found and waste meterials

Soil and Garden

Compost Shower building with Dorothee Perez from Fair Harvest

This is a group activity, please let us know if you are available on Friday or Saturday to help out (and get your free tix), or join us on Sunday any time.

Compost making with Bee Winfield from Merri Bee Organics

Build the compost at 12.20 (approx)

Making high quality compost with near miraculous effects on plants is nearly as easy  as making compost of dubious worth . With a bit of knowledge you can make humus quickly from the same ingredients as you could make, if you were not aware of the simple rules, a pest attracting mess. Come and learn the right way…. the scientific and safe way….. to recycle ALL your household (and or farm waste) into magical humus! 

Worm Farming with Margaret River Organic Farmer

Meet Laura and Lawson from Margaret River Organic Farmer and learn about some of their methods of cycling nutrients on the farm as well as household waste in their worm farms.

Biochar with Biochar Network of WA inc

Kathy Dawson will demonstrate and discuss the use of biochar for soil health and productivity.

Garden Junkies ….using preloved “junk ” to spice your garden up with Shelly and Werner

Our stall will be  a collection of Garden Junk Art. How to make  garden art from waste products.

Education and Kids

Augusta Margaret River Shire Waste Education stall

Jackie Dickson has recently compiled a detailed waste guide for residents Augusta/Margaret River shire and is getting the word out to  reduce, recycle and reuse.

Recycled Instruments with Tony Lane , Kevin Jones and Kids

 Come and make some Junk instruments – some which actually sound good!  Join us at 3:30 for the BIG JUNK JAM PARADE!

Jelly fish making out of recycled materials (for kids of all ages ) with Kyllie and friends

Kyllie and friends have been collecting all sorts of materials to make into jellyfish…….loads of fun for all ages.

Plastic Free July

Laura from Margaret River Organic Farmer has encouraged everyone to get involved with Plastic Free July and has loads of great tips and ideas

Make your own glue (and then christmas cards) with the CWA

We can show the children how to make glue, and then they can use it to decorate a Christmas card with glitter. We’ll have a salt dough activity for them so they can make a handprint gift or tree ornament.

Creative Recycling Augusta WA making bunting 11 am – 12 midday

Making bunting for decorations using recycled materials

Transition Town Margaret River

Transition Margaret River supports local sustainability in Food, Water, Waste , Energy and Transport…..join your local network or a Transition town near you.

Food and Health

Fermenting everything in your garden with Connor and Marta from “Back to Nature”

Discover the possibilities of making prebiotic and probiotic super foods from your own garden. From Ferments to Sourdough, Pickles to Preserves, come and learn about our diverse “Living Cultures!”

Jindong Pork…….Using the whole pig

Sustainable farming includes using all of the animal …..find out how James does it and buy some delicious food on the day.

Southampton Homestead….. Using all of the chook

A hands on demonstration and talk showing harvesting and processing every part of the chook.

Jarrahdale Primary School glut gleaners

Stacey Smithers and her team harvest fruit thats going to waste and turn it into jams with the kids from Jarrahdale Primary School.

Hemp and Healthy …chocolate making

“Hemp ‘N Healthy will be demonstrating chocolate making, and other healthy stuff too.

 There will be info about why hemp is a healthy option for the entire family!”

Wandering Herbals –herbal medicines crafted from locally foraged weeds and herbs

“A range of handmade wise woman herbal medicines including salves and tinctures crafted with local olive oils and beeswax. All of the herbs and “weeds”

used in crafting the medicines were foraged from the gardens and forests of the Nannup and Margret River region and put together with love and passion.”

Packaging and Cleaning

Undisposed……… items that reduce the need for plastic in every day life

We make items that reduce the need for plastic in everyday life (in particular, single use plastics).  Our range includes personal cutlery sets, fresh produce bags, beeswax food wraps, reusable makeup wipes & much more.  Many of our products are made from Rescued Resources – remnants, offcuts & throwouts.

Bespoke …. handmade produce bags by Willow and Wisk

Eco Friendly Produce Bags all hand crafted in Margaret River, Western Australia. Made with locally sourced fabrics and dyes.These unique Market Bags are perfect for Fresh Produce, Nuts and Seeds or organizing your Travel Bags. Made with love, with the Environment in mind, these bags are perfect for living a Waste Free, Eco Friendly life…plus they look great!

Make your own cleaning products with the CWA

C.W.A. Margaret River are happy to demonstrate some of the home cleaner gems from the classic C.W.A. Cookbook. We will also have a craft activity for the kids so they can make some thoughtful presents for their loved ones.

ENJO cleaning products

Chemical free cleaning products

Timber and Forests

Woodsmiths Margaret River

Tim and Gabe from Woodsmiths Margaret River will demonstrate traditional handcrafted woodsmithing. They will also be doing an axe and tool sharpening demo.

West Australian Forest Alliance ….Forests for Life

WAFA’s holistic new campaign, Forests For Life, reinvigorating the timber industry and carrying out ambitious landcare initiatives.

Shelly Mathey handy woman

Demonstrating and using recycled timbers and pallets.

Offering hands on activities with pallets 


Augusta Margaret River Clean Community Energy Group 

A committed group of locals looking at options for clean energy in the Margaret River Augusta Region.

Dome fabrication using solar powered welding with Rod Dilkes

Rod from EV Power Australia will be demonstrating how to fabricate a simple geodesic garden dome from inexpensive & scrap steel.

He will also be demonstrating using solar power and lithium batteries to weld in the field.

Water and Toilets

Eco Wastewater Solutions – www.ecowastewater.com.auWater Wally, Composting Toilets & Greywater  –waterwally.com.au

10.30 Demonstrating  how to make a simple greywater diverter.

1pm Building a composting toilet from a wheelie bin as a demonstration to explain all the ins and outs of a composting toilet.




Bike Repairs  and recycling with Lindsay and Brian

Brian and Lindsay will bring along some bikes and tools and teach some of the basics of bike maintenance and repair.

Comfortably Lost – Designing and building DIY tiny homes on wheels (motorhomes / campervans)

Visit Karl’s DIY  Campervan/ tiny home on Wheels, Off grid, solar powered and self contained.

Veggie Oil powered truck with Dave Mann

Dave will discuss how to use waste veggie oil to run a vehicle. Check out the amazing home truck /tiny home that he and his family of 5 live in.


Kashmir Rouw Sculpture

Julz Mosiac 

Using recycled materials to make stunning mosaic pieces


What we would love…….more  of any of the above


any fixers, builders, creators and handy men and women ( we know you’re out there!)


Festival opens 10 AM

Cost $20 adults, $15 unwaged, $5 kids

Fair Harvest healthy, waste free food available

To Buy a ticket go here

– Please spread the word and contact us if you would like to be involved in any way – (jodie 0439568131)

Thank you to the Shire of Augusta, Margaret River for their generous support of this event


2012 Festival of Forgotten Skills

2013 Bee Fair

2014 Festival of Forgotten Skills

2015 Beanie Festival

2016 Festival of Fibre

please email [email protected] if you wish to be involved

  1. Pamela maree grima 7 years ago

    Love it fantastic

  2. Pamela maree grima 7 years ago

    Thankyou it’s fantastic

  3. Debbie Chambers 6 years ago

    Stitched Up – our local visible mending group – looking forward to being there…we turn mending into an art work!

  4. Shel 6 years ago

    What a wonderful day ahead. Well done Jodie and Do for organising this. ThanksxxxShel

  5. jann lane 6 years ago

    cant wait

  6. Margs 6 years ago

    Yippee happy to go a gate shift and be runner

  7. Anne Marie 6 years ago

    Can we purchase tickets at the gate?

    • Author
      Jodie 6 years ago

      Hi Anne Marie yes there will be tickets at the gate

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