Festival of Forgotten Skills

A Celebration at Fair Harvest

426 Carters Rd

Margaret River



Sunday December 16th 

 10am – 4pm

Free Event….

A day to enjoy forgotten and under-utilised skills.

Bring your family and a picnic for a good old fashioned day out.

Tea, coffee and snacks available.

Bring a drink and music if you feel like staying on after for Chrissy drinks.



Demonstrations will be for varied amounts of time as everyone wants to enjoy the day and learn new skills (even those showing off old skills) so relax and enjoy…………………………………


Fair Harvest Workshop Space

Spinning  (Robyn Mills)

Embroidery  (Gay Taylor)

Crochet plarn (plastic yarn)  (Rebecca Gorta)

you can join in with this, so please bring your saved plastic shopping bags

Undercover area

Grafting and Pleaching  (Peter Coppin)  pm  only

Old Fashioned CWA Ginger Beer (Debra Chambers)

bring an empty cool drink bottle if you want to fill up a take away

In a selected outside space 

Land Art   (Elaine  Clocherty)

This is a group workshop from 10.30 till 12 (kids 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult)

In the Kitchen

Jam making and preserves  (Britta Sorensen)

Home made Baked Beans    (Sabine Lane)

Ricotta Cheese making    (Ros Garstone )  10.30 am

Sour Dough Bread (Lara McCall)  am only

Outside under the trees

Basket Weaving and Origami  (Cynamon Aeria and friends)

Hand Painted Christmas Decorations    (Linda Stanlake)  Children’s activity!

In the old Barn

Rope making     (Cecil Naokes)    am   only

Candle making   (Leanne  Sutton)

Knots and Splices  (Jamie McCall)  am only

Ukulele  making   (Phil Anderson)

Leather Work (Dave Skeats)

 Wet and messy outside the old barn

Felting    (Lauren  Scanlon)  am only

Paper Mache     (Caralynn Hoft)   pm  only


Natural Hoof Trimming   (Caro Exner- Seagar)

Bee Keeping (Tom Gieux)

Special new feature.………………..am only

 Wardandi Language & Traditional Face and Body Design & Symbols in Ocher 

with Mitchella (Waljin) Hutchins








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