Geology can be fun


Peter Lane

Peter Lane

This four week course will cover a wide range discussions on Western Australian geology, commencing 4.6 billion years ago to why we now have so many wild flowers and why Margaret River produces such good wine and has fast left hand breaks.
Lots of brilliantly executed diagrams, photos and a field trip to Augusta .
About Pete….Having worked in Canada, PNG and Australia as a petroleum geologist, Peter is now retired in Margaret River.  He has had a long involvement in environmental issues, especially south-west native forestry and water and is the author of Geology of Western Australia’s National Parks (3 editions).  

Four Tuesday evenings Sept 17th till 8th of October 8th 2013

5.30 till 7pm at Fair Harvest, field trip to be announced

cost $40 for 4 weeks and field trip



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