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IMG_9281Wow what a fantastic idea from the wonderful Heather the Kitchen Crusader, to create a Pop up restaurant that deals in produce. Great idea till you really start getting down to the nitty gritty of “who brings what and how much and  who buys the stuff that nobody brings???” but we weren’t deterred by a few little questions, in fact we just kept getting excited about the possibilities.

The basic concept was that growers would drop of produce in the morning and Heather and her team would whip up an amazing 3 course meal for everyone when they came back in the evening. After a few weeks of talking about the logistics of how it would work we decided to give it a trial run. With a ready supply of growers at our Swap Shuffle Share days we proposed a date and in no time had 30 places booked at the long table. We invited growers to drop off enough fresh produce to feed one (or two if they were bringing a friend) plus $10 per person.

On a a wild, wet, stormy morning all the gardeners came out with their boxes and baskets of produce and stayed to chat and drink coffee  while Heather tried to work out what on earth she was going to do with it all. When we eventually left and her team to get on with it IMG_9288they did so with a wild sense of fun (and plenty of good music). During the course of the day they created an absolutely stunning meal for their 30 guests, and  in the afternoon their extra helpers, high school catering students arrived to put the final touches on the restaurant.

By the time the guests arrived at 6 the place was looking beautiful and the ambiance had been set for a fantastic evening. Not only did we all get to have a great dinner, but as the trial customers we got to have input in how it could  run in the future. The main feedback was “yes we want more!” after that, there was a unanimous decision that we need to pay a little more or Heather and her volunteers wouldn’t last long. We also thought that to put too much energy into the size and quantity of donations would spoil the spontaneous energy and general generosity of the evening, so…….

here’s the idea: to book your place growers pay $10 and non growers pay $20, (this covers all the basic running of the Fair Harvest Kitchen and buys goods that haven’t been provided). Then, on the night of the fabulous dinner we get to pay what we think the meal is worth (this is what goes to the wonderful cooks to keep them inspired and feeling loved).

With “Fair Food” week coming up in August we thought it would be the perfect time to do our next shared meal Sunday August 25. Places are strictly limited (and starting to fill already).

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    how fab does Luke look in that poncho?

    • Jodie 11 years ago


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