Compacting the compost (see the last system in the foreground)

Creating a Compost Shower

Over the last year we have been developing our Compost shower system. Based on the Jean Pain composting system it is simply uses  the heat energy created from decomposing organic material to create hot water for our outdoor shower.

coiling the polly pipe inside the compost

coiling the polly pipe inside the compost

To create the ideal hot water compost we use %100 wood chips and ensure they are very well watered and compacted, we are aiming to create an anaerobic situation, the bacteria that thrive in this situation create heat as they busily metabolise and reproduce. Remember that the primary aim is to have a consistent temperature over a long period of time, not a quick compost for the garden. The ideal temperature for the shower is between 38 and 42 degrees, our last compost shower hot water system gave us 5 months of hot water!

   Other bonuses include………………………

Beautiful compost for the garden at the end

A great little outdoor shower

Water run off directly onto our citrus orchard

and at the end ...compost!

and at the end …compost!

Our latest compost shower is getting ready for our Permaculture Design Certificate coming up in just a couple of weeks.


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