International Permaculture Day 2015:  

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Sunday 3rd May

Fair Harvest Soil Celebration Day 10am till 3pm Admission FREE

Come and join us on the farm for an informative day all about soil. The farm will be open and we’ll have a range of speakers and displays with a focus on soil. Wholesome food Available from our kitchen.


Schedule of speakers….

(please note this program may be subject to change)

  • 10.15         Welcome 
  • 10.30         Testing your soils with PB Foreman
  • 11.15           Multi Species Cover Crops (Bee Winfield from Merri Bee Organic Farm)
  • Midday     Healthy Soil Management (Matt Dermody  and Cullen Wines )
  • 12.45          Biodynamics in Australia (Ian Steinhardt, Nourishing Organics)
  • 1.30            Using Animals to build your Soil (Jeff Pow, Southampton Homestead)
  • 2.15            The Principles of Keyline Farming   (Byron Joel, Oak Tree Designs)

Also Information about………..

  • Earth rendering with Swabodhi and PB          
  • The Soils of the Capes ….map by Pete Lane  (author of “The Geology of Western Australia’s National Parks”)
  • No Frills Fertilisers                                  


“Healthy soil makes for healthy people, animals and plants; it provides the foundation for all life on land. Soil gives us food, clean water, clean air, medicine, fibre and fuel, it’s also a climate regulator and buffer. All these vital services depend on a dynamic web of billions of organisms, which break down organic matter; this activity renews the soil and keeps it fertile and resilient.”  Permaculture Day website 

 Celebrating International Year of Soils

Some 4,000 years ago our ancient Vedas had guided us, “Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Care for it, and it will grow our food, our fuel, our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it, and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it.”






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