Introducing two great new teachers to our team.


Harry Wykman

Harry Wykman

Harry Wykman


Harry is passionate about moving into a life within ecological limits
— a low-energy life that is characterised by satisfying work and
harmonious, diverse communities of mutual assistance. This passion has
developed from an interest in permaculture. This interest began when
Harry read permaculture one and two at 18 years old.  Since then he
has been trying to become a gardener, designer and educator.  Harry
now has more than 10 years of gardening experience and lived in an
intentional community for 8 years. He has practiced permaculture
design thinking in community gardens, in Timor Leste, farming in the
UK and as the principle worker of a Perth-based edible landscaping
enterprise.  Harry now works for Perth City Farm where he is
responsible for intensive urban agriculture projects.


Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda Giblett

A descendant of two pioneering farming families, Lucinda Giblett is a passionate steward of the land, speaker, writer and community volunteer

After university studies in communications, Lucinda travelled for several years before returning home to Manjimup. Her farther Harvey was embracing organic apple farming and this drew forth Lucinda’s desire to farm and her commitment to land stewardship.

As an answer to the question “how can we tuly live well?” Lucinda founded the charity “Stella Violets”. Named for her grandmothers, Stella Violets seeks to enrich local life, land and tradition.

Projects include converting a farm ute to fully electric power, making compost and biochar, nutrient cycling, preserving the harvest, recording local life stories, sharing wisdom ad growing beauty – both in our gardens and our lives.

Like to know more about Stellar, Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery?

Lucinda and Harry will both be teaching on our 2013 PDC


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