Fair Harvest Pigs

Fair Harvest PigsYou can’t have an Italian chef living on the farm and not talk about sausage! Enrico’s passion for food is a joy to listen to and an even greater joy to taste. When our friends up the road advertised pigs for sale Enrico and his mate Rob quickly worked out a plan and now we’ve got pigs.

Pigs are great at digging up Kikuyu which we have in abundance and we do have some old pig pens but our little piggies wanted to go home and Enrico quickly learnt that farming isn’t just about feeding them then eating them, you have to contain them!

We’ve had a fun week so far (with plenty of pig chasing), the pigpens have been completely rebuilt and Enrico is becoming a farmer.

We really do need to be more animal intensive, during spring it feels like the Kikuyu is winning the battle. Turning the Kikuyu into animal protein is the best management with out a doubt but fencing needs to be really solid especially when it’s next to veggie gardens, orchards and rehab projects.

Watch this space! There’ll be more animals soon. And sausage making!

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