One of my favourite things to make with pumpkin is a delicious leather. It is a savoury snack that lasts for ages out of the fridge, is great for kids, used in place of  a cracker or  for the final touches to an amazing salad.

Pumpkin Leather


Pumpkin leather in salad (served at our Thursday Cafe)


I mentioned it in my Food for the Road blog and had so many people ask me about it that I promised a recipe….so here goes, it’s super simple and I’m sure it could be played with in all sorts of ways.

First take your delicious organic pumpkins out of storage.

Cook them (this can be done whole in the oven and seeds removed after)  or remove flesh and cook.


pumpkin cooked whole in the oven


cooked pumpkin flesh

Use a stick blender to mash up the pumpkin with a little olive oil then add seeds and spices to taste. What I added was; cumin, cumin seeds, a touch of chilli, salt,nutritional yeast and some toasted sunflower seeds with a dash of tamari.

Keep tasting until you want a second taste is my rule of thumb.

Spread the mixture onto dehydrator trays, I need to place baking paper down first but it depends on your type of tray. Make the mixture thick enough so that you can stand a toothpick up in it.

pumpkin mixture spread on trays ready for the dehydrator

It really depends now on the finish you want, the slower you dehydrate the softer the finish will be. I did mine in high for only around 6 hours and ended up with quite a cracked finish.

finished leather (if this was dehydrated slower it wouldn’t have cracked so much)

If you don’t have a dehydrator try baking on a very low heat in your oven.

Enjoy !



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