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Fair Harvest has now been open to the public for a little over six years. It’s been a big six years with a huge number of courses and events  both public and private. Many of the events we’ve held  involve on-site camping, something we hadn’t really planned for, but it turns out to be something that people have truly loved.

Lovely campsite, enjoyed the birdlife around us and the awesome designs around everywhere.  Shower worked very well, using it as well as the compost toilet was surprisingly a great experience and very pleasant.  Great ideas I got from that. I enjoyed that there were no restrictions (other than private areas) as where we were allowed to go on the property. Was great wandering around and getting inspired.” a Permaculture Design Certificate student

Taking note of how much people enjoy staying on site, plus fielding numerous enquiries by visitors wanting to camp and clients wanting to run workshops that includes camping we’ve taken the leap and applied for a Nature Based campground, a campground that truly compliments our venue and meets our permaculture ethics.

Having composting toilets and showers with grey water systems have been important to us. The campground is also solar powered and fed by rain water.

With the help of Anthony Smith from Eco Wastewater Solutions, Paul Lane draftsman and a supportive health officer from the local shire we have designed a fabulous environmental ablution block with state of the art systems.

The dream is moving (slowly) towards a reality, the proposal is in planning and while we’re waiting for the final tick we’ve been busy planting , fencing (and taking down fencing), creating the recycling area and making signage.

creating the recycling area for the campground

Thanks to our two wonderful wwoofers Claire and Ophelie for making beautiful signs including the permaculture ethics and principles


Our super wwoofer Cedric has made the most beautiful worm farm for the campground

It’s important for us that people camping are truly a part of the place, eating fresh food from the gardens, recycling their waste and feeding the chickens. We also hope people will take time to go for a bush walk on the farm as well as enjoying our productive gardens.

The extra toilets will also serve the business so that events from yoga retreats to our annual festival will not have to rely on portaloos. We are trying desperately hard to get all this right from an environmental perspective but in doing so the costs have gone through the roof, if you would like to help financially it would be hugely appreciated.

Donations are welcome through our Go Fund Me Campaign

early beginnings of the campsite


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  1. Kallista 6 years ago

    So great to hear you found a partner to do something with the plantation!! Slow and right theory proven again :)

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