Nicole Foss Visits Margaret River

Making Sense of Economic Decline in an Age of Peak Oil

A Discussion with Nicole Foss

(Nicole has been speaking to packed houses around Australia)

Nicole Foss is one of those rare people who understands and explains the links between the global dangers of resource depletion, economic failure and increasing inequity. She has multiple degrees in biology, neuroscience, psychology, international law, and air and water pollution. After years as editor of The Oil Drum Canada writing about peak oil and finance, Nicole is now co-editor of The Automatic Earth.


Join us for a graphic presentation and question and answer session when Nicole will outline the direction and characteristics of a new environmentally sustainable economy and what this means in our everyday lives.  She will discuss what is coming, why it is coming, what you can do about it, and how urgent it is that you do it now. She will prepare people to work with their communities to create a brighter (though lower energy) future

6pm Tuesday 28th February

Margaret River District Club

Tunbridge Street, Margaret River


(price includes a light supper)

Presented by Permaculture West &  Sustain Margaret River


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