Film night at Fair Harvest


Congratulations Sari and all the hard working Environment Centre crew for organising this event, it was so good to watch the night unfold; beautiful music, drinks and food in the Old Barn followed by a fabulous film in the new Fair Harvest venue.

Something is happening in this little town, a new awareness, a new enthusiasm for a positive way forward, a new reaction to the “paving of paradise”  as a friend called it last night, whatever it is it is fresh and positive, it is embracing all things local and healthy (look at the success of the farmers market!) and it is bringing our community together.

I know the Environment Centre came out of this night with a swag of new members and a new lease of life, we came out feeling excited and enthused about the future of our local community and local environment and glad to have a created a space where these types of events can happen.

Coming soon to our website……..a detailed venue hire page.



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