Abundance in Margaret River’s Front and Backyards.


Over the weekend a keen bunch of gardeners took the time to wander around town and check out each other’s edible gardens. Twelve families agreed to open their gates and let us in to ask questions, take pics, taste plants and generally enjoy the sense  of community.

We saw  tiny netted orchards with dwarf espaliered fruit trees, quail systems, ponds, raised beds and wicking beds. We saw gardens devoted to food growing and gardens incorporating children’s playgrounds. We saw a newly”permablitzed” garden and  mature “dripping with fruit” gardens.  We saw wild rambling gardens and neat and tidy gardens, individuality and creativity flowed alongside abundance, design and hard work.

There was swapping of information and exchanging of tips and ideas, bits of plant material and seedlings were given away and fertile eggs were promised to newly met neighbors.

There was a true sense of “Care for the Earth” “Care for the People” and “Fair Share” and the most common comment I heard was “there should be more of this”, so again thanks to all involved and lets have more of it!




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