The following is a little about why I believe permaculture and mindfulness go hand in hand.

I feel very lucky that we have in our community someone who is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of what it is to be human at a time when we are so bewildered by the destructive forces of human kind.  By nurturing compassion for all lives, we can create health for ourselves, our children, humanity, and the future of this beautiful planet.

Permaculture is often seen as a positive approach to a planet that is in trouble. The ethics of Care for the Earth, Care for the People and fair Share attract people who are both concerned and committed to a healthy planet and the miraculous array of species that live on it.  Alongside the positive actions of the Permaculture movement such as growing food, creating sustainable housing, developing earth friendly energy systems and building community are the complex emotions of seeing the destructive forces of our humanity reeking havoc on our planet. We live in complicated times where there is so much to do and a huge calling for those that care. While we work for the health of the planet we are often depleting our own reserves.

I am talking for myself but I know I am also talking for others, for this is what it takes to be an active individual in a time of such environmental and social change. For many it is simply too much to bare, and to often many burn-out struggling with the reality. Consumer society keeps us on the never-ending wheel of desire and offers us every possible distraction.

The degree to which we choose to be aware, involved and active is something we may do consciously or not. For me I know that I can’t pledge to every cause that my inbox pleads because it would break my heart to have to read about each one. I choose to get involved in the positive actions I can, in the community driven healthy future, the swell of individuals and groups working for change. I salute those that get up every day and face the forests being logged, the oceans that are dying, the human refugees and the reality of poverty. The call to action is an ever-present reality that looks different for each of us, but what we have in common is a deep seeded need to preserve our health, our relationships and our love.

Mindfulness has taught me the benefits of taking time to be still, to foster the capacity for compassion towards ourselves and others, observing ourselves as intimately inseparable from life on earth, allowing me time for reflection, to ponder difficult questions without getting caught up in the answers, and practicing non-judgemental compassion towards others, are just some of the things I have learnt from attending classes with Ian from Tig-le House.

Working together with Ian to present Mindfulness in Nature retreats offers us both an opportunity to go deeper into our work, connecting Earth Care and People Care in a way that is both meditative, clear and

 confronting. It provides a supportive structure to look further into what it is to be alive today and encourages us to see both the big picture in its timeless beauty and the beauty within.


Please contact Ian at Tig- le house for more details



Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0408 952 151

or join us at our beautiful 5 Day Mindfulness in Nature Retreat  (Thursday Sept 14 4pm – Monday 18th Sept 10am)




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  1. Christine king 7 years ago

    Do you still have availability on the 5 day mindfulness retreat
    Plus is there still accommodation in the gypsy truck. What is the full cost Thursday – Monday, 4 nights for retreat and accommodation.
    Could I please also have details of the retreat.
    Thank you

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