Permaculture Design Certificate September 2020

Thank you to another amazing group of individuals who chose to spend two weeks of their time here atFair Harvest.

Thank you also to our clients who’s property was used for the design project. and who gave their time so willingly.

Here are two write ups from students who joined us on the course.

The September PDC at Fair Harvest was supposed to have happened in May. But due to Covid, it was postponed and I was so thrilled to finally arrive at the campground on August 31 to commence the two week course. The PDC run by Fair Harvest is an extensive, intense, confronting and fascinating insight into how our lives (not just our gardens) can be designed to be more functional and productive in an energy efficient, intelligent and holistic manner.  The classroom sessions were led by field experts, some of whom are previous course attendees who have followed paths of a chosen passion. The level of quality in their teachings and content delivery was outstanding. The excursions to gardens that incorporate permaculture principles was eye opening and insightful – each property was markedly different although patterns of permie practices were evident. We had to brave the September cold fronts however! The weekend trip to Nannup to visit Merri Bee Organic Farmacy and Jeff Nugent’s property were slightly stymied by the rain but we do have another Nannup trip booked in November to tour these places again! The last four days were taken up largely with our four groups of six students designing for our clients’ two and a half acres on the west side of town. We were all immensely proud with the designs we presented to this very grateful and excited family; they were able to take ideas from all four designs as although they all contained permaculture style design ideas, they all varied. This course was a brilliantly run cooperative of great minds, exquisite cooking by the amazing Jodie Lane and fantastic practical skills in Do’s morning garden sessions. I cannot recommend highly enough the PDC at Fair Harvest. I feel that so many doors are now open to me and my mind and eyes are open in a way I could have never imagined. I also have made some incredible new friends in my PDC group. Thank you Jodie, Do and all teachers involved.

Gillian Pearce



The group with Dorothee in the morning gardening sessions


My September PDC was abundant in so many ways but in looking back, I treasure it most for the folks that shared the two-week experience.

It was fourteen days full of talking and walking, observing and learning, eating and meeting. When I think of all the individuals that I shared these with, from students, educators, organizers to Jodie’s family I’d see around the farm, I think immediately of the crazy level of diversity that existed in that space. I often thought throughout the two weeks it would be harder to handpick a more interesting salad of characters.

The quality of teachers and the range of knowledge they possess was unreal. Their experience and story, as well as them being such interesting characters, sparked my curiosity so much I found myself hanging off every word.

I felt like all the people at Fair Harvest course created such a guild and culture and we spent the length of the course living in this large green bubble. To the point where driving into Margaret River for a supply run a few days in left me a little rattled and eager to get back.

It’s not often twenty-four individuals go from complete strangers to living and sharing almost everything together. But I was so surprised and grateful for the depth, honestly, and speed of those friendships made on the course.

Thank you to all the folk!

Reuben Healy




Reuban jumping on the compost shower

Night time around the campfire

Thanks Nancye Miles_Tweedie for the fabulous pics

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