It that beautiful time of year when the ground is still moist, the sun’s not too hot  and the moon is just right to be out planting in the garden. These beautiful beans have been propagated by our interns and will soon be in the ground along with luscious amounts of compost (that has already given us hot water) and a tipi made from bamboo poles. Yes its time for all that beautiful summer veg to start going in the ground, I know it when I start to see volunteer cucurbits and tomatoes popping up around the place out of old compost or in old chook yards it tells me the soil must be warm enough.

Thanks to the fabulous Swap Shuffle Share days there are so many more good local seeds to go in the ground.


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  1. Pamela Forward 12 years ago

    Hey Jodie, Can you steer Josh in my direction with his truck if you want these pallets. if you don’t need them,I will put the word out to the wider community.

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