IMG_2080Our beautiful little Pomegranate tree was abundant this year and we were eating as many as we could but the birds had discovered them ( yes one of those trees we planted outside the bird net because we thought they’d be ok) and when we saw a friend was trying Pomegranate wine we thought we’d give it a go. We looked at a lot of fruit wine recipes, and this is the one we decided on. It’s primarily from Sandor Katz book “Wild Fermentation”. We’re beginners in wine making so we’ll let you know how it goes….Oh and thanks to our Great Neighbour Steve Jones for finding these amazing carboys and thinking his crazy friends up the road might know what to do with them. We have also tried a batch of cumquat wine and right now they are making a delicious burping sound in the living room .


Fruit wine

5kg clean fruit – 5kg sugar – champagne yeastIMG_2046

1- harvest 5kg of clean fruit

– place fruit in a bucket and cover  with boiling water

– leave overnight cover with a towel

2- take 1 cup of liquid extract and mix champagne yeast with, let it bubble.

– then add it to the mix and stir well

– let it ferment for 2/3 days stirring often.

3- add 5kg of sugar, mix sugar with hot water to get like a syrup, and let it cool down before adding to the mix.

IMG_2058– let it ferment for 3/5 days stirring often.

4- when vigorous bubbling slows down/stops, strain it and put it in Demi john (1/2 fill rinse remaining fruit mash and add to Demi john.

– store at room temperature for 1 month

5 – test sugar content .add 1 cup of sugar at time till right ?

6- leave 2 months in warm spot

IMG_2069-Siphon into clean Demi john leaving sediment

7-leave in a cool dark place for 9 month a least

Check periodically .

After 9 months, bottle and enjoy.



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