Swapping is the best


Following The Joy of the Humble Spud

There is a certain pleasure derived from swapping that you just cant get from buying and selling. Swapping involves people and stories, you can’t swap something without having a chat, quite often a cuppa and depending on the time of day a bottle of local brew. The other thing swapping does is bring out the best in us, it’s comes with generosity and giving, and that, it is well known makes us feel good.

So this week has been a week of feeling good! Friends dropping around with avocados, macadamia nuts, wine and home made cheese and going home with arm loads of fresh greens, honey and olive oil. There have been spontaneous shared dinners, walks in the garden, meeting new friends, trying new food. There have been talks about growing and gardening and compost and worms.

This month of living off the land is rich, it is full of good food of course but it is bringing with it so much more…….


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