The  most beautiful wall/sculpture

Last weekend saw the creation of our beautiful straw bale garden wall. With a great team and cool weather we learnt how to construct a self supporting straw bale garden wall with Pamela Forward.

A week before the students arrived we poured the footings to Pam’s design and prepared materials for the wall. Day one of the workshop saw positioning of the bales, cutting and sewing bales, stuffing gaps and wrapping the lot with chicken wire. We also learnt a technique of tightening the bales into place with gripples and stitching the bales so everything was firm and ready for rendering. During the afternoon we completed the first coat of render and everyone went home  exhausted.

Day two we added seats to the wall and completed a second coat of render over the whole lot. The wall looked fabulous at the end though it still needs another two coats of render to be complete.  Thanks Pam and every one that was involved in this productive and informative weekend.



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