The Trout Have Arrived.


For every one waiting for an Aquaponics update you can see by  the pic that the greens (in the foreground) we planted are starting to look quite lush ready to eat, so far we have just had marron and goldfish in the system as we had to wait for the weather to cool down enough to add some trout. In the background is Gavin from Ferguson Springs releasing trout into the system, we released 23 into the larger tank and 7 into the smaller tank. We just have to watch now that we don’t get an ammonia spike that will potentially kill the fish, to avoid this we have to check the amonia levels until the bacteria are well enough established to transform the nitrites into nitrates so they will be accessible to the plants.

Next aquaponics workshop with Tony Carruthers from Life Aquatic will be on Sunday July 29


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