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The Cafe is now closed for Winter.  We will re-open in the Spring.  Date to be confirmed…

Fair Harvest Cafe

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Why are we open on Thursday?

Our gardens and venue are, in true Permaculture style multi functional, that is they provide a variety of functions for a variety of people. They feed us, they provide a place for learning and they are a place of pleasure for visitors and the multitude of species that inhabit them.

We find that our program changes according our needs, often weekends are full of workshops, weddings or events while week days are busy working in the garden, hosting seminars or giving guided tours. What we needed was one day that we could welcome everyone to come and simply enjoy our space.

We chose Thursday, and on Thursday we encourage visitors to feel free to make the best of what we have to offer. We love to see people strolling through the gardens, talking to the animals or sitting in the book exchange. We encourage visitors to go for a farm walk, play games on the lawn or just lie under a shady tree and relax.

Thursdays isn’t only about enjoying the gardens though, its also about tasting them, in the morning we do a huge harvest and turn it into a simple, tasty, organic lunch. 

Providing a truly local seasonal and organic lunch is a huge challenge. There are a range of products we can source easily, harvesting them from our own garden or buying from neighbours, these include; all fruit, veg and herbs, eggs, beef, olive oil and honey. Then there are products that we enjoy sourcing from our local farmers market like Heidi goats cheese and Yallingup wood-fired bread. We need to go a little further a field to source grains, buying Biodynamic Eden Valley flour from the wheat belt. To make our menu a little more interesting we have bought Australian organic rice and chickpeas. Oh and spices………well we keep them local too and challenge ourselves to be creative, we harvest salt from the rocks and grow chillies, fennel seed, coriander seed and horse radish.

Finally there is the coffee quandary, as coffee lovers we have tried our hardest to source the most ethical coffee we could, we went to our local coffee roasters, Yahava and after a long chat with them chose Kahava coffee for its open and ethical policies on environmental and cultural issues. We have ordered detailed information about Kahava (in India) for our visitors.

Our menu is simple, healthy and real; a soup of the day and a salad of the day (with special extras like marinated farm beef, goats cheese or a special garden pesto)……..or we make get inspired to bake a hearty pie or a slow cooked beef dish. We are not chefs, we are gardeners and good food lovers and we love to share what we are passionate about.

So by coming along on Thursday you are not only treating yourself to a day out on the farm but supporting local, organic and ethical food growing in a very real way.

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  1. tatteredpassport 8 years ago

    Awesome Fair Harvest. Can’t wait to come back down and visit you all.

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