I’m not so much a cook

as a lover of tastes

I imagine them in my mouth

colliding with each other,

simple strong earth tastes

not needing too much tampering

In fact, truth is, I start tampering and I loose it.

Complex recipes are not for me

My staple is pesto

not the cheesy stuff you can buy,

the fresh -as herbs,

great handfuls of what ever are in season

big nasturtium leaves, bunches of parsley, coriander,

random leaves of sorrel, nettle, amaranth

coarsely chopped and thrown into the blender with olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli if you have some, lemon juice

and whatever nuts and seeds are in the cupboard

Now that’s a treat

bursting with goodness and garden


To make the above recipe place lettuce leaf, grated beetroot, spring onions, quinoa and weedy pesto on a sushi wrap



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