An Amazing Weekend of Social Permaculture

Robina McCurdy

Robina McCurdy

Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield

Look who’s coming to Fair Harvest over the weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th of Oct

Robin Clayfield and Robina McCurdy have worked nationally and internationally on developing permaculture, community projects, social permaculture, seed saving, innovative teaching styles and so much more.

They truly live and breath the Ethics of Permaculture and every time I have had the opportunity to work with either of them I have come away inspired and enriched.

Robina will start the weekend by introducing her new film SOS Save the Seeds on Saturday Night and stay for a discussion afterwards.

The next day Robin and Robina will join forces to run the Social Permaculture Workshop Social Permaculture supports people care and healthy group culture and uses our Permaculture principles and applies them to social design and social situations” Robin Clayfield

Robin will then stay on to run a Dynamic Decision Making workshop on the Monday.

It should be a great weekend…..campers welcome!

Buy a ticket to the film here

Find out more about social Permaculture with Robin Clayfield and Robina McCurdy or buy a ticket here

Find out more about the Dynamic Decision Making Day with Robin Clayfield or buy a ticket  here


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