Yoga and Mindfulness in our beautiful old barn just outside Margaret River

At the heart of our farm is a space to restore you energy with some of Margaret River’s best teachers in yoga and mindfulness offering daily and weekly practices.

Term one timetable 2020

Yoga with Sandi Hancock

cost $20 casual (discounted class cards available for regulars)

Tuesday 7 am

Thursday 7 am

Friday 7am and 9.15 am

Yoga with Renee Amber

cost $18 casual (discounted class cards available for regulars)

Tuesday 5.15 pm

Wednesday  7 am

Mindfulness with Ian Hackett 

Starting Feb 11th

Tuesdays 9.15am – 10.15am: Mindfulness foundation trainings 8-week series by dana (donation)

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For more information on specific classes please contact teachers directly.


Sandi Hancock Yoga 

[email protected]



Ian Hackett

[email protected]

0408 952 151  


Ute Coleman

[email protected]

0427 474 367


Renee Harris

[email protected]

0413 782 550

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Teacher bios

Yoga with Sandi Hancock

Senior Yoga Instructor Sandi Hancock of ‘Yoga Moon’ benefits from a healthy life style from many years of Yoga practice. 

 For more than 27years Sandi has been teaching yoga.  You can never stop learning about Yoga – study of the self”.  I started my own yoga practice when I was a young child.  The deeper you go into understanding the self the more you understand, the inquisitive mind settles asking to learn more.  

Sandi’s has trained hundreds of yoga hours Teacher Training in Iyenger Yoga to Achieve Certificates I, IIIII & IV Purna Yoga.

Sandi teaches Yoga Asanas understanding the importance of the body systems through the study of anatomy and physiology.

Breathing practices in Pranayama to calm the mind.

Restful sleep so the body can heal by practicing Yoga Nidra.

Restorative Yoga is a peaceful practice excellent for restoring energy.

Regular practice of yoga can assist in self-managing ailments like stress or injury.

Devotional practice leads to a deeper connection with the true self.

I highly recommend 2 – 4 lessons per week to get the full benefit of yoga.

If you practice Yoga regularly at home that is fantastic, however, it is very important that you practice correctly. From time to time, you need assistance from an experienced yoga teacher to assist with your alignments or for assistance to further Your Practice.

Yoga is the integration of Mindful breathing, Mindful postures and Mindful meditation.

Taught intuitively, Sandi is attentive to the whole class and assists individuals when required.

Sandi teaches yoga with an open heart, a keen eye for body alignment and assesses the dynamics of the class to ensure everyone is safe and working within their ability.

Yoga Moon is suitable for all levels of fitness and ages, clear instructions for each posture making it suitable for beginners to advanced students to be in the pose understanding their own strength and fitness.

Mindfulness with Ian Hackett (Tig-le House) 

DSCF4117 (2)

Mindfulness with Tig-le House, Margaret River.

Tig-le House provides a community approach to sharing teachings on mindful living for the cultivation of a social-ecological peace in the world. When we take a kind attentive awareness to our experience of living, our naturally compassionate nature for living peace can grow, both individually and collectively.

Mindfulness teacher and Dharma practitioner Ian Hackett has been the presiding teacher at Tig-le House for 4 years, and has been involved in meditative practice for 28 years. Ian has a responsible care and understanding for regenerative and ecological processes in Southwest landscapes with 26 years of bushland regeneration, conservation and landcare experience. Ian is an experienced mindfulness trainer delivering mindfulness in an approachable and universal way, suited to daily living.

for more information about mindfulness practice contact Ian at

Tig-le House

Mindfulness & Meditation / Nature Conservation & Universal Dharma

Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285.

Phone: 0408 952 151 

[email protected]


Renee Amber

I became a student of Hatha Yoga 20 yrs ago when I was living in Nepal. Over the past decades my yoga journey weaved in & out of many different styles and traditions throughout the world as I continued to try to find the shoe that fit…..I found myself in beautiful resonance as I began practising Yoga Pranala in Indonesia several years ago and I just knew that I had found my moccasin !
I became a certified Yoga teacher in 2015.  I spend most of my time teaching in retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide as well as beautiful studios like Fair Harvest ….. I hope to see you on the mat !
Yoga Pranala…..
I invite you to join me and share the experience of Yoga Pranala. This unique style of yoga combines the knowledge and discipline of traditional yoga with Mudra Pranala, an ancient healing art system. Pranala is the circulation of the flow of energy, ‘prana’ being life force & ‘nala’ the inner fire.
Mudra Pranala activates the Pranamaya Kosha, (the Body of Light) and through conscious union of the breath & asana practise we create healing between our bind/mind/soul connection. We connect to our higher spiritual self by shifting from thinking to sensing, merging the hemispheres of the brain, the yin & yang aspects of ourselves as well as increasing our sensitivities to the natural elements. At first we use our awareness to lead the energy but eventually it is the energy that leads us…..

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