beetrootBeetroot is one of our favourite vegetables to grow and eat. I love them quartered and baked (first sprinkled with olive oil and salt) or grated in a salad with mint and lemon juice.

beetroot jars

There comes a time though when we’ve eaten all we can and there’s still more beetroots ready to harvest. This is the time to think of pickling them. Pickling beetroots are easy if you follow a few basic rules and a good recipe.

Find as many wide topped jars as you can (this way you don’t have to cut the beetroot too small)

Wash and sterilize your jars well (I usually boil mine, but bring them gently to the boil rather than putting them in boiling water, so as to avoid cracking the glass)

I used the following recipe; Kaye’s Pickled Beetroot recipe at and everyone loved it.

Where it says to peel beetroots by hand or with a knife, do yourself a favour and peel by hand, it is one of the most wonderfully tactile experiences you will have in the kitchen. If your beetroots are cooked until just tender you simply rub them with your hands (submersed in a bowl of cool water) until the skin comes off and you will be left with beautiful, soft, smooth beetroots.

Enjoy your beetroot all year round!

Nutritional info – high in Vitamin C and antioxidants

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