Tomato Sauce and Chutney Making with Britta Sorenson 19th Feb 9.30 – 2.30 or 17th March 9.30 -2.30

‘Tomato Sauce and Chutney’ is a 5 hour course in which we will try to combat the annual tomato glut and turn it into multi purpose preserves that can be used all year round – as dips, with cheese, as pasta sauce, as a soup base, for stews… It is hands on (max 12 people) and you will take home 2-3 jars of delicious preserves plus notes, recipes and printed hand-outs so you can repeat the experience and start experimenting.

Please bring a clean apron and 3 tea towels, note pad and pen, 3 washed recycled jars 200-300ml with metal twist off lids (if you don’t have access to any, just let me know), a sharp knife to cut fruit with, hair ties or head scarf if you have long hair, clean old clothes with sleeves that don’t dip into pots, enclosed shoes. 1-2 kg of spray- and chemical-free tomatoes and some crackers/bread/cheese that we can share during our break and to try our tomato chutney with.
Additional cost for ingredients per person: $8.-

About Britta Sorensen:
I have lived, gardened and preserved fruit and veg in Margaret River for nearly 20 years. Some of you may have met me at the local farmers markets  in town where until recently I shared a stall with my ‘olive-friend’ Traudel. Originally I am from the border of Northern Germany and Denmark – a place with cold, long winters where people used to rely on preserved food for their survival, for medicine and for lifting the winter spirits. I so clearly remember my grandma’s blissful summer-in-jar apricot jam, salted gherkins against hang-over, elderberry soup when kids came down with a cold and sheer joy caramelized cherries for Christmas, not to mention the plums in rum and sooo much more. I have been jam making, pickling, preserving, drying and baking all my life and I truly believe that food made these old-fashioned ways from good organic produce is healthy, wholesome and nourishes the body and the soul. It is slow-food in its essence. Even making it is good for you – it is fun, it de-stresses because you cannot hurry things, it is exercise, it brings people together, the house smells divine and you get such a sense of satisfaction when looking at your production at the end of the day. Preserving at the time of plenty makes good economic and environmental sense and home-made goodies just are the most appreciated presents. And you know the best thing? It is easy! Come along, learn a few basics, get creative and the garden is your limit!
No harsh chemicals are used during the courses, we clean and sterilize by natural methods. We use organic light brown sugar only and in much smaller amounts than are found in commercial jams, preserves, cakes etc. All other ingredients that may be used are natural and preferably organic.

Please fill out the form below to attend one of these workshops………tea and coffee provided


  1. cathmiller 11 years ago

    I tried to sign up for tomato chutney course on 17th March, but I didn’t get to paypal and the message said “Thanks for signing up for the Fair Harvest Home Seed Saving Course!”
    Can you please send details on how to pay :-)

    • Jodie 11 years ago

      Hi Cath, could you send me an email at [email protected] and I will book you in …. cheers Jodie

    • Jodie 11 years ago

      forms all sorted now

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