Aquaponics Course Report

Thanks to Tony from Life Aquatic and all those that attended our first aquaponics course. We converted the old barn into a classroom  and proceeded to convert used IBC containers into an aquaponics system.

We started the day with a fantastic presentation on how an aquaponics system works and the basics about fish species and the nutrient cycle. We then went on a site visit to see a hugely productive system set  up by a local couple in their back yard, the health and quantity of both fish and veggies was impressive and everyone was inspired to come back to the farm and get into action.

Despite the heat (and thank goodness for the occasional plunge in the dam) everyone got into cutting and drilling and creating our new rustic, home made system. Luckily the farm has that rustic charm!

At the end of the day we planted lettuce seedlings and sat back for a drink to the sound of splashing water. Now to learn how to maintain a healthy system!


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