The loss suffered during the Margaret River bush fires was far greater than the number of homes lost, thousands of hectares of coastal bushland and precious habitat went up in flames. Volunteers have offered to help the rehabilitation in many different ways and Permablitz Margaret River is offering to do what it does best……garden blitz!

Permablitz was started in Melbourne in 2006 and follows a few basic principles read more  and of course follows the ethics of permaculture

care for the earth………by replanting and re stabilizing burnt gardens we are helping the earth to recover from the devastating effects of the fires

care for the people…….by helping the people whose gardens have been burnt we are offering a small step towards the recovery process, whether or not those affected have lost a home or not is not our concern, we are offering a hand to all who have lost or have damaged gardens. We also have fun, share food and gardening tips, exchange stories and make new connections……….all good stuff!

sharing of resources…we live in a region full of resources and in times like this everyone is keen to share what they can. This may be time, knowledge, plants, mulch, food for hungry gardeners or funds for the cause

During our blitzing we try to stay as true as possible to the guidelines set out by the founders but in situations such as this exceptions must be made. For example it is usually based on reciprocity (attend 3 gardens before we blitz yours) which we are not asking people affected by the fires to do. Also we are not expecting every home owner to have a Permaculture Design drawn up for their property (of course if you want one we can help out see our gardening services).

What we have is a group of people ready and willing to help, a selection of non-fire promoting coastal plants propagated by the Tube Nursery, a special discount on organic fertiliser provided by No Frills Fertilisers and a desire to do a bit af positive change.

If you feel you can help out in some way or if your garden needs blitzing please fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to be involved.

Please note………..hands on blitzing may not start immediately  (we will wait till the days are cooler and the plants are ready) but there is plenty to do to prepare.

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