14112-214137A few pics from our January PDC

Our January Permaculture Design Certificate was a huge 2 week event, with 24 students, 9 teachers, guest speakers, field trips and design projects …….we were all kept busy.

It’s hard to describe a 2 week course in a few words but here’s a few quotes….

“I have never before used the money I earn so wisely”  Kelly

“I got so much much from this course than I anticipated, I am looking forward to creativity with my new skills, I

feel this is a change in my direction…..a positive change” Shane

“Amazing use of people and resources to give a broad understanding of permaculture and detailed specific examples of what can be done”


Thanks so much to everybody involved. Here’s a few of the many pics taken over the 2 weeks……

(Next Permaculture Design Certificates May 2014 and Jan 2015) 

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claire 14114-154307









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