claireClaire Coleman arrived at our farm in 1995, she was our first wwoofer and we were her first wwoof hosts………her dynamic gardening energy was amazing then, a passionate allotment gardener from London who knew so much about making small spaces productive, she was also a whizz on European trees species and was here in Australia to learn more and garden more. Claire helped us set up our original rotating chook yard garden………now long gone and remembers planting broad bean seeds where the fiejoas and guavas are now.

Claire moved on but only got as far as Denmark where she has spent nearly 20 years living at Living Waters, teaching Permaculture , teaching horticulture at Denmark TAFE and more recently travelling around WA as an inspector of organic farms for NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia)…….see more about Claire in our PDC teachers Bios.

We are now excited to welcome Claire to Fair Harvest where is will take up residence in our old farm house and share her skills and experience in our gardens and with our community. We have been so looking forward to having another residential passionate gardener on the team and she’s here!! I love that Claire has known our farm (as a permaculture farm) from its beginning, she knows the changes and sees the succession and evolution of plants and places and as an organic inspector she knows some of the challenges we are up against and will bring new and innovative changes to our systems.



Claire teaching in the garden

Claire teaching in the garden

To kick start her stay Claire will run 3 short veggie growing sessions each session will be for 3 hours (half the time in the classroom and half the time in the garden)

Day 1 (Sat April 12th)

You will learn – basics of soils and plant relationships; making and using compost; plant nutrition and where to find it; preparing beds; using green manures…… now

 Day 2 (Sat April 19th)

You will learn – plant function and soil relationships; establishing seeds and young plants; importance of crop rotation; planting and sowing techniques in nursery and garden……….book now

 Day 3 (Sat April 26th)

You will learn – integrated pest management; attracting beneficials; identifying bugs, diseases and disorders; techniques for getting your plants ahead and making them thrive…… now

Looking forward to having you here Claire


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