Image 1Here we are in the middle of our Permaculture Design Certificate and I’m excited about what people are eating. Feeding 30 people (students, wwoofers and teachers) a day is a big ask, but feeding them local, fresh, organic is pure joy.

Do has been working hard in the garden for months now, planting so that bulk food will be ready for this event, filling up the shade house with lettuce (as it’s too hot to grow it in the garden), constructing  trellises for beans, tomato’s and cucurbits to climb up and ramble over and filling up beds of beetroot, basil and spring onions.

ImageHanna has been busy in the kitchen over the past months, not only preparing food for our thursday lunches but also freezing and preserving so that our pantry and freezers are full.

I had a young steer sent to the butcher so there’s sausages and steaks, mince and roasts. There’s a lot of food but there’s a lot of eaters so I’ve put out through our local growers network for more and its flowing in (we are swapping and trading LETS). Our tomatoes are only just coming on so having someone turn up with a beautiful harvest of little toms is a joy and that stunning fresh rocket was just the best in our tacos last night.

Then there’s going to the market on saturday and buying a big sack of local organic potatoes, bags of avos and pigsstunning local watermelon. Today I pick up pork offered to us from Jindong  Free Range oh and then there’s the 20 dozen eggs from MR Free Range Eggs and the daily deliveries from Yallingup wood fired bread.

Our students have been off on field trips to Merri Bee organics and Burnside Organic farm, both feeding them up with big fresh lunches from their farms. The visit to Jeff and Jill Nugent’s (after lunch at Bee’s ) was another highlight with the “lushest” summer garden yet.

Jill Nugent is our cook for the fortnight and she sure knows what to do with fresh local food…………tasty, plentiful and healthy.

It’s the  biggest buzz to feed people good food and knowing where its all coming from is even better………here’s a huge thanks to our fabulous food growing community.


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