Summer on the farm (and a reminder that we are fully booked from Jan 12 – 26)

ImageIt feels like I haven’t written an update for a long time, but it certainly isn’t through a lack of things happening here on the farm.  Fair Harvest has been a hive of activity, our Thursday open day has become a day of beautiful fresh lunches, kids playing in the sandpit, people wandering through the gardens and enjoying the new book exchange. Early morning yoga classes have been full and there have been parties, sundowners, tipi dwellers, wwoofers, workshops, swaps and plenty of friends and family.

Our main event though is just about to start, our 3rd annual PDC, with the biggest group ever attending and a couple of fantastic design projects on the table, we are excited and ready to roll. The garden has been pumping Image 1out the food and its in the pantry, in the freezer and in the ground ready to feed students and teachers. This two week live-in course isn’t just about learning to garden, its a time to immerse yourself in the ethics of caring for each other and the earth, its a time to connect with people who are bringing permaculture into their lives, their communities, their schools and their professions, its a time of allowing all the good, healthy, juicy parts of our lives blossom……we welcome you all and are excited to open our space for this amazing event.

So you may have guessed there will be no room for Thursday Open Lunch (reopening again Jan 30th)

Yoga will also recommence on Jan 28th (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 6.30 am)

Image 11Swap Shuffle Share on Jan 18th will be in town at a park on the corner of Hillier and Tingle (then back to the Old Barn at Fair Harvest in Feb)

Thanks you so much to everyone for your ongoing support and apologies to anyone who has been put out by the changing of our weekly timetable.



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